What is the difference between bookkeepers, accountants, financial controllers (Controllers) and chief financial officers (CFO)?

To manage the financial operations of a business, the roles of bookkeepers, accountants, financial controllers (Controllers), and chief financial officer (CFO) complement each other, and in addition to assisting with the day-to-day affairs of the company, financial reporting and strategic consulting may also be required. Obviously, their goals are the same, dealing with bookkeeping and … Read more

6 Common “Tax” Questions Answered for Office worker!

Facing tax problems? Friends who have just entered the workplace are most confused when they file their taxes in May when this “green bomb” come?  Don’t know what to do when filing a tax return(also known as tax declaration form)? What are the serious consequences of underreporting information? To summarize the frequently asked questions about … Read more

6 common tax deduction items that help your tax allowance!

Taxpayers will want to know more about the tax allowances when calculating the salary tax and personal assessment during the tax filing period.  What items and payments can be tax deducted? This article integrates common deductible tax payments for taxpayers. Self-Education Expenses: Tax Deduction up to $10,000 Salaries tax can apply for tax deduction for … Read more

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