What is the Articles of Association? Introducing the Model Articles of Association

If you want to register a limited company, you may already know that the “Articles of Association” is an important document for setting up a company. Under the new Companies Ordinance, all corporations established in Hong Kong are required to have articles of association. In this article, you will learn what is the Articles of … Read more

What employment guarantees are there under the epidemic prevention measures? Is there a sickness allowance due to absence from work due to quarantine orders, enclosure testing?

In response to the development of the epidemic, the epidemic prevention measures are constantly updated. Meanwhile, the revised Employment Ordinance also came into effect on June 17 this year. What are the employment protections in the Amendment Ordinance? If an employee is absent from work or even fired due to the epidemic prevention regulations, what … Read more

Why would a bank account be frozen? The reasons for closing the account may be these 5!

As a platform for managing public funds, banks are obliged to strictly cooperate with government actions, and even take actions to jointly combat money laundering and other activities. Among them, the most serious restriction or freezing of accounts prevents the parties/legal persons from being able to withdraw and transfer funds. The situation may vary greatly. … Read more

What is the definition of a private company and a public company? What’s the difference between them?

Limited company and unlimited company may be often heard, but when it comes to another classification model of Hong Kong company – private company, public company, or not generally known. What is the difference between the two? The legal definitions also seem to be hard to discern between them, but some discussion of the pros … Read more

Introducing 4 practical accounting software, suitable for all types of companies in Hong Kong

In order to make the accounting work more efficient, in addition to entrusting high-quality accountants to take care of it, companies can also choose accounting software to do it. Due to the large number of accounting software, this article will introduce the most popular software among Hong Kong accountants: 1.Sage Many users may have heard … Read more

Does your business need accounting services? 4 reasons to need accounting

Every business may need accounting services, and you may choose to manage company finances yourself, but this will definitely prevent you from continuing to develop more business. If you mess up your own pace, why not choose a trusted professional accountant company to make financial work easier? If you are not yet confident enough to … Read more

Do you need company secretarial services from a secretarial company?

By law, a Hong Kong limited company needs to appoint a company secretary. Due to the diverse and professional responsibilities of a company secretary, many people will opt out of companies that provide company secretarial services. Do these secretarial companies need to be certified? Does your company need company secretarial services? This article summarizes the … Read more

How to change company information? “e-Registry” one-stop company information change notification

If the proprietor wants to change the company information, what should I do? According to the current law, many changes in company information must be notified to the Business Registration Office within one month of the change. Offenders can be fined up to $5,000 and imprisoned for one year. In order to avoid penalties, how … Read more

Does your business need accounting or bookkeeping? What’s the difference between them?

Business people need to manage business finances. In the transaction process, do you need accounting or bookkeeping? The two seem to be similar, but in daily life, many people confuse them. In fact, have you ever thought about the difference between them and how to help your business grow continuously? What are the characteristics of … Read more

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