What is operating a business?

According to the Hong Kong Taxation Ordinance, anyone in Hong Kong: Generate income from business or trading business Whose business or trader’s assessable income is derived from Hong Kong must pay profits tax. Regarding the first point above to determine whether the person is engaged in a business or a trading business, the Hong Kong … Read more

Figure out whether it is self-employed or an employee?

Self-employed persons are required to pay profits tax on their business income, while employees are required to pay salaries tax on their employment income. Very often taxpayers are not sure whether their role is self-employed or employee. They report their income and expenses in the profits tax part of their tax returns because of the … Read more

There is no tax deduction for reported rental income/sole proprietorship or partnership profits?

Hello, everyone! Recently we have received a lot of questions about taxation and feel that it is necessary to write an article to provide to you some practical tax knowledge. We are committed to studying Hong Kong tax regulations and rules. Starting today, we will explain the different parts of Hong Kong’s taxation system from … Read more

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