How does payment in lieu of notice calculated on salary? How long is the notice period?

According to Chapter 57 of the Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong, when either the employer or the employee chooses to terminate the employment contract, to say goodbye and hand it over properly, the other party needs to be informed of the “notice period”. However, if you want to leave/dismiss before the notice period, you may … Read more

How can I take advantage of the qualifying deferred annuity tax deduction? How do I know if an annuity policy is eligible?

At present, the life expectancy of Hong Kong people is close to 85 years old. Coupled with the rising price of goods and the budget of medical expenses, many people will plan their life after retirement. Among the many financial products, the Qualified Deferred Annuity Policy is one of the items that can be deducted … Read more

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