What is “Personal Assessment”? Is this tax assessment really more tax-efficient and better for you?

Have you seen the option “Personal Assessment” in your tax return? What exactly is “Personal Assessment”? Who is it suitable for? If you are a proprietor with a business or an owner of a rental property, “Personal Assessment” may bring you more tax benefits, but if you don’t know the details, this article will help … Read more

Salaries tax reduction of $10,000, how does employment get the most tax benefit?

The severe epidemic and the tax filing season have made many taxpayers sigh and bewildered. Fortunately, in the Budget announced by the Financial Secretary recently, it announced that salaries tax and personal assessment will be reduced by 100% for the year of assessment 2021/22, with a ceiling of 10,000 It is expected that more than … Read more

Tax deductions are available for renting and living in a building. What should I pay attention to in the “residential rent deduction”?

In addition to tax incentives for taxpayers, the Hong Kong government recently proposed that starting from the 2022/23 year of assessment, all tenants of eligible properties can enjoy rental allowances, bringing tax incentives of up to HK$100,000 per year to tenants who do not own properties. , it is estimated that 430,000 taxpayers in Hong … Read more

Tax arrangements under the epidemic: Can subsidies income received for “Anti-epidemic Fund” be exempted from filing tax returns?

The epidemic has been going on for a long time. Under the premise of a poor economy, the tax season tax bill/tax return is coming again, and many employers and employees of enterprises will be troubled by this. If you don’t know what’s good, you may wonder, do you need to file tax returns for … Read more

What are the “Three Treasures of Tax Deduction”? Tax returns: Voluntary Health Insurance, TVC MPF, Deferred Annuity

When the annual tax season comes, many people will be looking for ways to save tax. In fact, the Hong Kong government has launched three tax-deductible items, commonly known as the “three treasures of tax deduction”, as early as 2019. They are the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme ( VHIS), MPF Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution (TVC), … Read more

2022 tax filing tips: When should you file your taxes? Under what circumstances do I have to pay tax?

Tax filing season is here again, and every salary/wage earner may have to face the tax return sent by the Inland Revenue Department, commonly known as the “green bomb”. Before filing a tax return, many people want to know more about tax filing. Whether it is your first time filing a tax return or not, … Read more

6 special taxes “Tariffs incurred for income”: Can tax deductions be made for clothing fees, remuneration fees, and assistant fees?

The last thing salary/wage earners want to face every year is the tax return sent by the Inland Revenue Department, commonly known as the “green bomb”. When filing taxes, many people want to know more about tax deductions. It turns out that many people do not know that if it is “expenses and expenses incurred … Read more

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