What you need to know about company names

Coming up with a company name can be a big topic for entrepreneurs. According to the “Guidelines for Hong Kong Company Name Registration” issued by the Companies Registry, there are many restrictions on naming a company name, and there are several things to pay attention to. This article will summarize what you need to know … Read more

Representative of a limited company? Do you understand directors, shareholders, Significant controllers, and designated representatives in one article?

Who is the representative of the limited company? In addition to the shareholders and directors that must be present when applying for a limited company, are there important controllers and designated representatives? Who can they serve, and what are their substantive roles? This article will introduce you one by one. Shareholder When applying for a … Read more

How do I hold off on the provisional tax payment? What are the application requirements to have a good chance of success?

The tax season starts in May each year, and after tax assessment, taxpayers are required to pay two instalments. If the taxpayer fails to pay the tax due to sudden changes in the working environment and economic pressure, you can try to apply to the Inland Revenue Department for a deferral of tax payment to … Read more

Do Hong Kong offshore companies have to file tax returns? How to apply for offshore profits tax exemption?

Many people think that setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong does not need to pay profits tax. Is this true? How does the Inland Revenue Department define an “offshore company”? If I receive a Profits Tax Return, are there any relevant exemptions to prove that the profits are not derived from Hong Kong? … Read more

What does “CORP” on the business registration certificate mean? It turns out that the consequences could be serious

What does it mean if the word “CORP” is printed in the business nature column of the business registration certificate? Once you find that your business registration certificate has “CORP” on it, the consequences can be big or small. If you don’t handle it properly, you will be fined and imprisoned at any time? This … Read more

When is the company tax filing deadline? When do limited companies and unlimited companies need to file tax returns?

Many company owners may have tried to file tax returns in their personal capacity, but they may not know the details of Hong Kong companies’ tax returns. The following article deconstructs the basic concepts of corporate tax filing from the perspective of a limited company and an unlimited company and shows the company’s tax filing … Read more

What is “non-Hong Kong employment”? Can foreign workers and training participants apply for salaries tax exemption?

If you are engaged in “non-Hong Kong employment”, do you need to pay tax? In Hong Kong, an international metropolis, there are often talents going back and forth between overseas and Hong Kong. How does Hong Kong’s tax system tax these people? This article will introduce this issue and how they can apply for income … Read more

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