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Accounting services

According to the needs of customers, Mexus Accounting Firm can provide monthly, quarterly, annual or special accounting services for enterprises.

Accounting records can be prepared at the customer’s business location or in our office using various accounting software packages.

Accurate and reliable accounts/accounting, and timely comparison with budget and actual results are essential management tools.

The report can be adjusted according to the customer’s specific situation and requirements.

The reason for using accounting services of an accounting company

Companies of all sizes need the accounting service of an accountant.

Even if an enterprise can handle accounting affairs by itself, the development of the enterprise will make the accounting work more time-consuming, and the accounting services of an accounting company are a good recipe.

Using Hong Kong accounting services provided by accounting companies or accounting offices, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1) Accounting helps to grasp the financial situation

The accounting services of an accounting company help prepare financial reports.

Through financial reports, accountants will be able to use professional accounting knowledge to assist companies in forecasting and analyzing financial strategies.

Accountants will also assist in identifying and determining financial status/financial indicators, such as profit warnings, cost structures, etc., to effectively increase corporate profits.

2) Reduce accounting time

The business of the enterprise is busy, and it does not deal with accounting work.

Indeed, it takes a lot of time to deal with corporate accounting, even if there is internal accounting to handle accounting work, it also costs a lot.

In addition, the lack of professional accounting knowledge will make the accounting work more time-consuming, increase the risk of accounting errors, and cause troubles.

Conversely, outsourcing accounting staff to an accounting company or accounting firm can free up time for the company to deal with the business.

3) Reduce accounting costs

Compared with handling the accounting work by oneself, the accounting services of professional accountants are more efficient.

This is because the accounting system needs to be matched with the accounting system, and even due to lack of experience, it is necessary to hire more external accounting personnel for supervision.

On the contrary, the accounting office already has a professional accounting system, provides qualified and experienced accounting services, and the accounting work gets twice the result with half the effort.

Using the accounting services of an accountant’s office can save accounting costs.

Because the general accounting service HK is determined by the amount of work and time.

The charges for accounting services company vary depending on the business, and it is easier to tailor the accounting needs of the enterprise in a disguised form.

4) Certified public accountants/have accounting expertise

The accounting services of an accountant office are generally handled by certified public accountants certified by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which brings more confidence to enterprises.

In addition, professional accountants can bring more accounting/auditing-related information to the company with their rich accounting knowledge, which complements each other.

5) Avoid fines due to accounting errors

According to the law, the accounting and tax returns of enterprises need to comply with Hong Kong’s accounting standards. If the enterprise pays taxes incorrectly or late, there is a risk of violation of the law and fines.

The accounting services of accounting companies or accounting offices can help companies avoid these situations.

6) Accounting helps audit work

The relationship between accounting and auditing is inseparable. In response to the importance of annual auditing of financial reports by enterprises, professional accounting work is of great help to auditing.

The “Hong Kong Audit Report and Audit Opinions” pointed out that during the audit process, accounting provides the following benefits:

Accounting can help solve complex financial problems, and accountants can also act as audit consultants.

In addition, auditors with accountant qualifications will be able to speed up the audit process and help determine whether the financial statements comply with tax laws and accounting standards. 

Furthermore, auditors are also responsible for raising financial-related issues to the company.

At this time, the accounting company/accounting office will be able to handle it on behalf of the company, reducing the burden on the enterprise.

The above information is for reference only.

If you have any accounting (accounting review, accounting tax return, etc.) questions, we welcome your inquiries.