Frequently asked questions about Hong Kong company registered address, is virtual office service right for you?

One of the procedures for setting up a company in Hong Kong is to provide the company’s registered address. Many people don’t know much about this and have a little discussion about it, but in fact, the relevant laws have several requirements for the company’s registered address, and some proprietors even choose virtual office services. The following is a summary of related frequently asked questions, hoping to provide practical help.

What is the company’s registered address?

The company’s registered address provided by a company established or registered in Hong Kong will be the default mailing address for letters and legal documents from the Hong Kong government and relevant agencies and departments. Generally, mail for documents will be regarded as ” service”.

In other words, the company’s registered address will be the “official address” corresponding to the government department, but not necessarily the place where the business takes place.

What are the legal requirements for the company address?

  1. Every company must provide a company registered address

According to the “Hong Kong Companies Ordinance”, every company established or registered in Hong Kong must provide a street address in Hong Kong as the company’s registered address, which is also regarded as the address of the registered office to receive all communications and notices.

  • The post office box is not regarded as a company address, and a residential address can be used as a company address

Secondly, the company’s registered address must be the actual address in Hong Kong, and the PO Box address cannot be used as the company’s registered address, and it is also feasible to register the residential address as the company’s address.

However, it should be reminded that many entrepreneurs in Hong Kong use their home address as their company’s registered address, which may cause privacy issues because ordinary citizens can access relevant information through online searches and other methods.

  • Multiple companies can use the same registered address

Regarding the number of a company’s registered addresses, the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance does not stipulate that a registered address can only be used for one company, that is, if you have more than one Hong Kong company, you can still use the same registered address as the company address.

  • The company registration certificate and business registration certificate must be hung at the office

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance also stipulates that the company registration certificate and business registration certificate must be placed and hung at the office at the address.

  • Company registered address

The registered address of the company will be used as public information and recorded in different statutory registers including the shareholder register, director register, etc., allowing the public to check the relevant information of the company online (Company Registry website) or physical search.

How to change the registered address of the company?

The company’s registered address can be changed at any time, and the proprietor should notify the Hong Kong Business Registration Office within one month of the change of the address.

The procedure for changing the address is very simple. The proprietor only needs to fill in the form “IRC 3111A” and related documents in writing to change the address. Alternatively, you can also provide the business registration number, company name, and the old and new addresses of the company in the form of a written notice and submit it to the Hong Kong Business Registration Office.

Don’t have an office? Optional virtual office service

Generally speaking, the use of registered address services or virtual office services in Hong Kong is legal and very common. According to the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, as long as it is a company holding a Trust or Company Service Provider License (TCSP), the business address provided by it is a reliable channel.

The use of these services generally provides the place of company registration for local companies without a permanent office and handles and maintains mail for the proprietor. The main management clerical accounting work.

Basically, the company’s registered address service starts from about HK$100 per month. The services include general registered business address, mail and parcel collection, and some companies also provide company name water signs in Chinese and English.

The above information is for reference only. If you have any questions about the company’s registered address and establishment of a Hong Kong company, we welcome your inquiries.