The business registration certificate fee is payable annually. Although the fee has been reduced during the “grace period”, the government still provides the option of a fee waiver to a group of proprietors, allowing them to save a little more on business development. This article summarizes the relevant matters on how to apply for exemption from paying the business registration fee and levy:

What is the business registration fee?

To start any business or enterprise in Hong Kong, you must apply for a business registration certificate at the Business Registration Office and pay a business registration fee. The fees are mainly divided into a one-year certificate, three-year certificate, and branch registration fee:

Business Registration Fee ($2,000 business registration fee waiver, grace period until 2022):

One-year pass: HKD 250;

Three-year license: HK$3,950.

Branch Business Registration Fee:

One-year pass: HKD 250

Three-year license: HK$866.

Eligibility to apply for a business registration fee waiver.

Pursuant to Section 9 of the Business Registration Ordinance, the following persons are eligible to apply for a waiver of the business registration fee:

• Sole proprietorship business, partnership business, and other unincorporated businesses operated by individuals;

• Businesses not carried on by companies incorporated or registered in Hong Kong;

These businesses are required to meet the following conditions:

• The average monthly turnover of the business does not exceed $10,000 for its main service business and $30,000 for other businesses;

• The proprietor of a sole proprietorship cannot operate other sole proprietorships at the same time;

• All partners of a partnership business cannot also jointly operate another partnership business at the same time.

Who can apply for a waiver of the business registration fee?

When confirming that the business is eligible to apply, this service is only available to the principals of the following businesses:

• proprietors of sole proprietorships;

• any partner in a partnership business;

• any principal officer of an unincorporated body;

• Company secretary, manager, or any director of a body corporate incorporated or registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance.

How to Apply for Waiver of Business Registration Fee

First, those who want to apply for exemption from paying the business registration fee can fill in the relevant forms of the Inland Revenue Department and submit the application in person to the Business Registration Office or submit a written application by post or fax; secondly, they can also use the GovHK website, apply.

Those who apply electronically can log in to GovHK “eTAX”, click “Apply for Waiver of Business Registration Fee and Levy”, and enter relevant information such as reference number, business registration number, year of the exemption, etc.

It should be noted that the application through One-stop Service must be submitted no later than 1 week before the expiry date of the existing business registration certificate, and the newly opened business must be submitted no later than 7 weeks after the application for business registration. Submit your application within.

The above information is for reference only. We welcome your inquiries if you have any inquiries about applying for a waiver of business registration fees and levies.

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