Salaries tax-payment in lieu of notice

The payment in lieu of notice paid by the employer to the employee is compensation for loss of work due to the employee’s own fault. Payment in lieu of notice is income obtained in accordance with the terms of the employment contract, so it is subject to salaries tax. The payment in lieu of notice … Read more

Under what circumstances do you need to act responsibly on behalf of non-residents in Hong Kong

Since non-residents are overseas and have the opportunity to arrange tax avoidance, the Inland Revenue Department will have certain difficulties in levying taxes on non-residents. Therefore, the tax regulations will require his Hong Kong agent or residents who pay him to file tax returns, withhold taxes and pay taxes on his behalf. The definition of … Read more

Patent or copyright fees paid to associates

Generally speaking, if you collect money for filming, television, recording, and using or authorizing the use of patents, designs, trademarks, equations, etc. in Hong Kong, the Inland Revenue Department will treat 30% of the money as assessable profits. In the past, some taxpayers planned some tax avoidance schemes, so that the receiving party only had … Read more

Rules for applying for child allowance

For taxpayers to apply for a child allowance, the child must be: under the age of 18 Be at least 18 years old but lack the ability to work due to physical or mental problems Over 18 years old but under 25 years old, and have received full-time education from any university, college, school or … Read more

The 80 Billion Employment Guarantee Plan – 8 major Q&As

The Hong Kong government announced today (8th) a series of new rounds of anti-epidemic fund measures, including subsidizing 50% of employees’ salaries for employers. Are they eligible as employers? What will happen if the employee’s salary exceeds the subsidy ceiling of 18,000 Hong Kong dollars? Is the employer not allowed to dismiss? Dongwang will answer … Read more

The second round of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund measures

The second round of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund measures include: ※For employees with MPF accounts, employers can receive a 50% wage subsidy for a period of 6 months with a monthly ceiling of $9,000. The employer must promise not to lay off employees during the period; ※Food, construction and Fewer people in the transportation … Read more

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