What should I do if I disagree with the tax assessment?

If the taxpayer does not agree with the assessment, he can object to the Inland Revenue Department. But the taxpayer must:

• Objection in writing

• Clearly state the reasons for objecting to tax assessment and the relevant year

• Submitted within one month after the issuance date of the notice of assessment

Please note that the Inland Revenue Department will not accept an overdue objection notice unless the taxpayer can give a reasonable reason for the late objection, such as reason for not being in Hong Kong or being ill. If the tax assessment is due to an estimated tax assessment issued when the taxpayer has not filed the tax return on time, the taxpayer must submit the tax return together with the completed tax return when objecting to it. All of the above applies to salaries tax, property tax and profits tax.

Taxpayers should pay special attention to the fact that the objection period cannot be extended by choosing personal assessment, because personal assessment itself is a collection of assessed salaries tax, property tax and profits tax. The date of issuance of the notice of assessment for personal assessment cannot be used to calculate the one-month period of objection.

The above information is for reference only. If in doubt, we welcome your tax inquiries

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