The objection period has expired, but can the tax assessment be corrected?

According to the tax regulations, the assessment or amendment of the assessment will be final and decisive in the following circumstances:

• Within one month of the issuance of the notice of assessment, the taxpayer has not made a valid objection

• The taxpayer has obtained an agreement with the tax bureau on the disputed assessment

• The taxpayer agrees to withdraw the objection

• The taxpayer did not appeal to the Tax Appeal Board within the specified time

• The taxpayer withdraws the appeal

• The Tax Appeal Board rejects the appeal

• The objection has been ruled by the Tax Appeal Board

Nonetheless, taxpayers can also apply to the Inland Revenue Department to amend their assessment requirements if they meet the following conditions:

• The assessment is not an estimated assessment issued when the taxpayer has not filed a tax return

• The taxpayer must file within six years after the end of the assessment year or within six months after the issuance of the notice of assessment (whichever is the later)

• The reason given by the taxpayer must be related to the error or omission of the tax assessment

The above information is for reference only. If in doubt, we welcome your tax inquiries

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