The second round of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund measures include:

※For employees with MPF accounts, employers can receive a 50% wage subsidy for a period of 6 months with a monthly ceiling of $9,000. The employer must promise not to lay off employees during the period;

※Food, construction and Fewer people in the transportation industry contribute to the MPF, and there are also plans to subsidize them;

※If self-employed persons have an MPF ​​account, they can receive a lump-sum subsidy of $7,500;

※For unemployed people, the maximum amount of CSSA assets for applying for CSSA will be doubled for a period of time. 6 months; excluding self-occupied property assets, for a period of 12 months;

※Provide 16 support projects, estimated to spend 21 billion yuan;

※Small and medium enterprise financing guarantee plan, increase the maximum loan amount, 80% and 90% of guaranteed loans also enjoy special benefits Interest;

※Increase the government loan guarantee commitment of 100% special guarantee products to 50 billion yuan;

※From April to September 2020, increase the rent reduction of government premises to 75%;

※From April to September 2020 During the month, the rent reduction for short-term leases managed by the Lands Department will be increased to 75%;

※The 75% reduction in water and sewage charges for non-residential accounts will be extended for 4 months;

※125,000 medical staff registration fees will be exempted3 Year;

※Reduce the subway fare by 20%, for a period of 6 months, half of the loss will be paid by the government

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