Online Tax Filing Instructions, Steps to Apply for an ETAX Personal Account

Online Tax Filing Instructions, Steps to Apply for an ETAX Personal Account

In fact, filing a tax return involves too many complicated steps and dealing with a lot of paperwork, which is not very environmentally friendly. In addition, it is not an easy task to sort out and fill out the income statement for a whole year. Fortunately, with the development of online platforms, taxpayers can easily file their tax returns online through the Inland Revenue Department’s eTAX platform. Online tax filing is becoming more and more popular, and you only need to apply for a personal account with one click. Every taxpayer can handle tax in an easy way. In this article, I will show you how to apply for “Easy Tax” (ETAX) personal account, and an introduction to its features.

How to file tax returns online and what is the ETAX platform?

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department provides a convenient, advanced and environmentally friendly tax management system – ETAX. As a secure electronic service platform, eTAX has always been restricted by tax regulations, and at the same time helps taxpayers to fulfill their tax responsibilities with simple electronic services.

As long as a personal account is opened on the “eTAX” platform of the Inland Revenue Department, taxpayers can enjoy various tax services through the account, including filing tax returns and tax assessments.

What can I do on the ETAX platform?

In addition to tax declaration, the tax services provided by “eTAX” are very comprehensive, and are not limited to profits tax returns, property tax returns, and employer tax returns. The following are some of the services that can be participated in and completed on “eTAX” Function:

• Check at any time any unfiled tax return or outstanding tax;

• Instant estimate of salaries tax payable;

• Review tax returns, assessment notices and tax payment confirmation notices submitted online;

• request amendments to assessments;

• apply for a deferment of provisional tax payments;

• Update personal and business data records with the Inland Revenue Department;

• Enquiries about personal tax matters;

• Stamping property documents;

• Apply for business registration and claim extracts from the business register.

Of course, as long as you log in to your eTAX account through a digital certificate (those who do not have an approved digital certificate can only use the above-mentioned services), many personalized online tax services can be used, including checking your tax status, or contacting the Inland Revenue Department .

How to apply for an ETAX personal account?

In order to use online tax services conveniently, you can apply for a personal account on the eTAX website. The application steps are not complicated. The following are the steps to apply for an eTAX personal account:

• Visit the eTAX website first;

• Click “Apply for Access Code”, and you will receive the activation code within 2 working days by post;

• Go to the eTAX website and select the link “Open an eTAX Account”;

• Enter your “Tax ID” and “eTAX Activation Password” (Tax ID can be found on your “Tax Return” or “Notice of Assessment”);

• Customize your personal “Tax ID” and “Password”;

• Set up a “password reminder”;

• Provide information such as email address and telephone number;

• Option to receive notices and documents electronically.

The above information is for reference only. If you have any questions about tax declaration and accounting, we welcome your inquiries.

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