Profit tax – are all expenses tax deductible? (2)

Profit tax – are all expenses tax deductible? (2)

While operating a business, the expenditures of taxpayers can be divided into operating nature and capital nature. Capital expenditures must be calculated based on the groups listed in Tax Rule 2 to calculate depreciation allowances. However, there are exceptions. The tax regulations allow for full deduction of capital expenditures, including manufacturing machinery, industrial installations, computer hardware and software, environmentally friendly vehicles, environmentally-related machinery and installations, etc…

Some operating expenses are stated in the tax regulations that cannot be deducted. These expenditures include worthwhile items:

• Expenses of a family or private nature

• Transportation expenses to and from the residence and the place of business operations

• Expenditure of a capital nature, or any loss or withdrawal of capital

• Costs for improvement

• The amount that can be recovered under any insurance plan or indemnity contract

• It is not an extension of rent or related expenses for the part of the premises that generates profits

• Except for the salaries tax paid on employees’ salaries, any taxes paid are not deducted

• Payment of salaries or remuneration to the proprietor and partner or the proprietor and partner’s spouse

• Pay the capital or loan interest of the proprietor and partner or the proprietor and partner’s spouse

• In addition to the provisions of Article 16AA of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme

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