How would you be selected as an investigation case for the Inland Revenue Department?

The Audit and Investigation Division of the Inland Revenue Department (“the department”) is committed to combating tax evasion. Generally speaking, if the department is aware of the following items that seem to be out of compliance, it will conduct audits and investigations:

• The corporate audit report expresses extremely reserved opinions

• Compared with other similar businesses, operating sales, gross profit, and profit are low

• Have not filed tax returns for many years or are often late to file tax returns

• No proper records of business operations

• Failure to provide the required documents in response to the Inland Revenue Department request

In addition to the above, the department will also open files from the following channels:

• Newspaper and magazine information

For example, a certain artist or company claims the amount of remuneration, turnover, etc…

• Self-selection

The director will refer to the taxpayer’s tax return, financial report, website or leaflet to select the target

• Whistleblower

Anyone who reports a suspected tax evasion case via telephone or anonymous letter will also open a file

• Referral by other government departments

• Automatic exchange of information on financial accounts

The above information is for reference only. If in doubt, we welcome your tax inquiries

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