The tax assessment notice issued by the Inland Revenue Department every year generally collects tax from taxpayers in two installments. If the taxpayer fails to pay the first installment on time, the Inland Revenue Department will impose a 5% surcharge for the first and second installments, and the entire tax will be deemed to be due immediately. If the taxpayer has not paid all the taxes within 6 months after the due date, the Inland Revenue Department will impose an additional 10% surcharge. If the taxpayer still owes taxes, the Inland Revenue Department can file a tax arrears suit to the court, and the taxpayer must pay court fees and interest (the current interest rate is 8.125%). In the end, the Inland Revenue Department has the right to apply for the seizure of all taxpayers’ assets, bankruptcy or liquidation applications for taxes that have not yet been paid off. If a taxpayer is really unable to pay tax due to financial difficulties, he can try to apply to the tax collection group to pay the tax in installments before the first instalment of the tax is due. However, taxpayers should note that the instalment tax will be subject to a 5% surcharge. The tax and 5`% surcharge that have not been paid within six months after the due date of the first period will be subject to a 10% surcharge.

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