Profits tax-disclosure of commissions, rebates and discount expenses

Taxpayers who need to pay commissions, rebates or discounts for business operations in compliance with tax regulations are incurred to earn assessable profits, and they can be deducted. However, taxpayers must provide the following information in accordance with the regulations of the Inland Revenue Department when completing the profits tax return:

• Taxpayers cannot include commissions, rebates or discounts in the cost of purchases or deduct them from income. Instead, it is necessary to clearly show the items of commission, rebate or discount expenditures separately on the account statement, and clearly indicate the amount of the payment.

• The taxpayer must provide a detailed list showing the payee’s name, address, ID number or business registration certificate number, relationship with the taxpayer, amount, service details, calculation basis, etc. for each payment of commission, rebate or discount, etc.….

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