Get 5 employer tax returns right! Staff tax return template at a glance

Get 5 employer tax returns right! Staff tax return template at a glance

The new tax year is here again and if you are an employer and you receive a tax return, you will need to complete and submit an Employer’s Return and Employer’s Tax Return (IR56AB) for your employees. How do I write this tax return? It turns out that not only the IR56AB, but also four other Employer’s Tax Returns are applicable to different situations. If an employer fails to submit an Employer’s Tax Return as required, he/she may be prosecuted by the Bureau and may be fined up to HK$10,000. Therefore, this article not only provides a breakdown of the various employer’s tax returns, but also provides a sample of them for reference.

The five employer’s tax returns: IR56AB, IR56E, IR56F, IR56G, IR56M
Depending on the circumstances, there are five different variants of the Employer’s Tax Return, which have been developed specifically for employees in specific circumstances.

Employer’s Tax Returns (BIR56A and IR56B) are designed for continuously employed employees, including single persons with a total annual income of $132,000 or more; all married employees; and all part-time employees and directors.

Employer’s Tax Return (IR56E) Employers are required to complete and submit a copy within three months for new employees.

Employer’s tax return (IR56F) is required to be completed and submitted within the previous month for employees who are about to cease employment (or die).

Employer’s Tax Return (IR56G) For employees who intend to leave Hong Kong permanently or permanently, employers are required to complete and submit two copies of the form one month before the employee’s expected departure from Hong Kong. From the date of completion of the form, no further payment can be made to the employee until the employee has completed the “tax clearance” process and is able to produce a “Letter of Consent” issued by the Inland Revenue Department.

Employer’s Tax Return (IR56M) Notice of payment of remuneration to a person other than the employee
Not received an Employer’s Tax Return form? Download the Employer’s Tax Return
If you are concerned that your company has not received an Employer’s Tax Return, you can download the above forms from the Inland Revenue Department website. It is also worth noting that it is your responsibility to take the initiative to apply to the Inland Revenue Department for an Employer’s Tax Return if you have not received one in the year in which you hired a new employee.

How do I complete an Employer’s Tax Return? Sample Employer’s Tax Return.
Sample Employer’s Tax Return (BIR56A)

Sample Employer’s Tax Return (IR56B)

Sample Employer’s Tax Return (IR56E)

Sample Employer’s Tax Return (IR56F)

Sample Employer’s Tax Return (IR56G)

The above information is for reference only. If you have any questions or enquiries about tax returns (personal tax returns, corporate tax returns, accountant tax returns), you are welcome to contact our professional advisors and we will provide you with a free quotation and consultation service in due course.

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