Make the most of the Easy Registration tool: Annual Return ‘E Tip’ service?

Make the most of the Easy Registration tool: Annual Return 'E Tip' service?

For those of you who are operating a limited company, you may already know that the annual return is an important document to be submitted every year, as late submission can result in a fine of over HK$3,000 per minute. Therefore, it is very important to be reminded to submit the annual return. If you don’t have someone to take care of everything for you, you can still make use of the Government’s “e Reminder” service for annual returns under Easy Registration, which provides free reminders to

E Reminder service for annual returns?
The Companies Registry provides an electronic notification service on its Easy Registration website to remind companies to deliver their annual returns. The service is called “e-Alert” and is a free, simple and easy to use service.

The system sends its information box and registered email address to users who can submit their annual returns electronically (eForm NAR1 or NN3) by clicking on the hyperlinks included. It is also suitable for users who operate multiple companies as there is no limit to the number of companies they can subscribe to.

When will I receive the “E Reminder” to deliver my annual return?
The Companies Registry will send an E-Reminder on the date of the anniversary of the incorporation of the company or of the company’s registration in Hong Kong, categorised as a local private company or a registered non-Hong Kong company.

However, if you are a company limited by guarantee or a public company, you may receive an eAdvice on the following dates.

opting for the service and specifying a particular date.
6 months (for a public company) or 9 months (for a company limited by guarantee), whichever is applicable, after the end of the accounting reference period for which the company’s records have been kept at the Companies Registry, as at the date of the company’s annual return.
How do I activate my subscription to the ‘E Reminder’ service?
To activate the “e-Alert” service for annual returns, you can subscribe to the service via Easy Registration depending on two categories of users, namely, corporate users and individual users.

Corporate users.
Any company that is already a corporate subscriber in the following categories on e-Registration will automatically receive an alert reminding the company to

Any company that has become a subscriber on e-Registration will automatically receive an electronic notification reminding the company to deliver its annual return, including private companies, public companies or companies limited by guarantee, and registered non-Hong Kong companies.

Individual users.
Any individual user who is already registered with e-Registration can subscribe to the e-Alert service free of charge for corporate users with whom they have established a user connection.

To subscribe to e-Alerts for annual returns.

Go to e-Registration [Annual Return e-Alert>Subscribe Service].

Select “Local Private Company / Registered Non-Hong Kong Company” or “Public Company / Company Limited by Guarantee” to subscribe to the service.

What are the penalties for late filing of annual returns?
It is the statutory duty of the company and its officers to comply with the Companies Ordinance by submitting annual returns to the Registrar of Companies on time.

If a company fails to submit its annual return and related fees on time, it may be subject to a higher registration fee ranging from $870 – $3480 depending on the date the return is overdue.

The above information is for reference only. If you have any questions about tax returns or accounting, it is always wise to seek advice from a professional accountant and we welcome your enquiries.

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