The Hong Kong government announced today (8th) a series of new rounds of anti-epidemic fund measures, including subsidizing 50% of employees’ salaries for employers. Are they eligible as employers? What will happen if the employee’s salary exceeds the subsidy ceiling of 18,000 Hong Kong dollars? Is the employer not allowed to dismiss? Dongwang will answer 8 major questions:

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of the “Ensure Employment” Fund?

Answer: The beneficiaries include qualified employers, most employees and self-employed persons.

Q: What qualifications does an employer need to meet before applying?

Answer: All employers who make MPF contributions for their employees are eligible. Employers in the catering, construction, and transportation industries that are not fully covered by the MPF scheme can also apply.

Q: What kind of subsidy can an employer get after applying?

Answer: The government will provide a salary subsidy for 6 months, calculated on the basis of 50% of the salary of each employee, the upper limit of the salary is 18,000 Hong Kong dollars, and the upper limit of the subsidy is 9,000 yuan. Allowances can only be paid to employees and cannot be used for rent payment or other expenses.

Q: After the employer submits an application, when can I receive assistance?

Answer: The government will distribute it in two phases. The first phase is expected to be early June and the second phase is expected to be September.

Q: If the employer violates the promise and fires the employee after receiving the allowance, or fails to give the full allowance to the employee, what will be the consequences?

Answer: All employers applying for the fund must promise not to lay off employees after receiving the allowance, but they can still be dismissed if they make a mistake. There will be penalties for breach of promises, including the withdrawal of related subsidies that have been issued, and the deduction of part of the allowance for the next month.

Q: If I am a qualified employer and have an employee with a monthly salary of 15,000 yuan, how much assistance do I receive each month and how much labor do I have to pay?

Answer: The government will subsidize 50% of the monthly salary of 15,000 yuan, which is 7,500 yuan; the employer has to pay the remaining half of the labor, which is 7,500 yuan.

Question: If I have another employee with a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan, how much assistance can I get each month and how much labor do I need to pay?

Answer: Since 20,000 yuan exceeds the salary limit of 18,000 yuan, the government will subsidize 50% of the maximum wage of 18,000 yuan, which is 9,000 yuan, and the employer must pay the remaining labor, which is 11,000 yuan.

Q: Can self-employed people benefit?

Answer: There will be a lump sum allowance.


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