How can I claim charitable donations?

The tax regulations require taxpayers to claim deductible donations under only recognized charitable donations. Approved charitable donations must be donations to charitable institutions, trusts or governments that have been exempted from tax under the Article 88 tax regulations. The Inland Revenue Department has uploaded the list of these charities and trusts to the website of the Inland Revenue Department for taxpayers to check when deciding to claim deductions.

How can I claim charitable donations?

In addition, donations must be used for charitable purposes and of a voluntary nature, not as a donation in exchange for substantial benefits, that is, paying for the purchase of tickets such as raffle tickets, charity movie tickets, concert or dance tickets is not eligible for the deduction of donations of. The donation must also be a monetary gift. Taxpayers use property or physical assets instead of money to make donations, and the Inland Revenue Department will not deduct their monetary value.

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